Language is the main source that is being used for communication among different people. But there are many things and concepts that are associated with the languages for describing the different things in the daily life. In this article we will be discussing the concept of denotation and connotation. Denotation of the word or an image generally refers to the original, visible or the widely accepted meaning of the word or sign or an image. On the other hand the connotation refers to the cultural meaning or the assumption of the word or sign or the meaning or understanding that the word implies to it. Emotional meanings, perception of ideologies and interpretation in subjective manners are involved in the connotation of any image word or sign.

So, in short we can say that denotations are describing or associated with the meaning of the word that is literal and connotations are associated with the associations that are connected with that word. Like the literal meaning of the word snake is the animal that crawls on the land or it is belonging to the class of reptiles while the connotation of the word will be evil or danger. Many poets used the connotations instead of denotation for creating the new and fresh ideas in the mind of readers. These kinds of use of words that are taking the reader away from the literal meaning are called as figure of speech or in other words figurative speech.

Denotation And Connotation

If you are telling your friend about the class that was quite interesting and time just passed away so quickly that the period was seemed to be of one minute then this is the figure of speech or similarly, if you are saying that your best friend is your book then this is also the figure of speech. The word red rose presented in the denotation then its literal meaning will be a flower red in color and with some specific arrangements of patels while on the other hand the connotation of the word will be the emotion of love or gesture of love. So, denotation and connotation are the concepts of daily used just they are not used with their original names. To sum up the article we can say that denotations are concerned with the symbolism while the connotation is concerned with the embedded meaning or the faraway meaning of the word or image.

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